About Us

We first began the upword.org domain in November 1996. In it’s beginning it served as a resource for biblical information and instruction and grew into one of the first interactive sites for followers of Yeshua and people who wanted to learn more.

In time we eventually secured our own server and in time more servers and developed our own network of internet servers on which to host websites as well as grow our own websites to a fuller dimension. As the reality of our vision grew we could not put everything we now offer on one domain.

With the invent of social networking sites, people flocked to those sites instead. Our vision continues to grow and as the internet changes it effected the upword.org domain which was still used in a variety of ways but didn’t have a website.

We wanted to make it useful once again and decided a blog might serve the needs of some people. We don’t know how many, a few, a little, many, a lot we hope. As we work and adjust to the challenges and work required to build such a site we hope you will be encouraged and edified through our articles and in the word of Elohim.