Our Ironic Selves

The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

How easy is it to see the flaws in others? How easy is it to see the injustices done to us in this world? How easy is it to see the sins among many?

How hard is it to see the flaws in ourselves? How hard is it to see the injustices we have done to this world? How hard is it to see the sins in our own life?

I won’t get heavy into scripture, although scripture gives us the keys to life. I will bring to mind those passages that benefit all of us and show us the focus we need to have in life to improve ourselves.

Ironically we focus on the faults of others in a vain attempt to improve our own world, our own life. Never realizing that the entire reason our life is out of focus is because our focus is not 20/20! Hello?

Look at Messiah, his focus was and is 20/20! No matter what people did to him, test him, tried him, even nailed him to a cross/stake he never blamed anyone or sought the answers to life by questioning what they did to him or to anyone else. He never grew up putting his parents on the stand. He never pointing the finger at the faults of others.

Yet Messiah was and is blameless, perfect in every way!

We are flawed. And we will never get our lives straightened out until we can accept that. We must accept that the answers to life lie within us. Solving problems is not dependent on anyone we feel did us wrong apologizing or repenting of what they did to us, whether they actually did anything wrong to us or we merely think they did something wrong to us.

In many cases we offend ourselves. Only because our own view of what other people have done is wrong only in our eyes.

It is within our human nature to focus on the negative. Are you with me? The people who have things figured out in this life know that to focus on the negative things in life and other people will leave us dysfunctional. However, when we focus on the good things in other people’s lives, the things we can agree on are the things that will bring us happiness.

If you were sent out into the wilderness, what would be the first thing you seek after? Shelter right? Why? It brings comfort. So why then do we in this life among other people in our vain attempt to find shelter (comfort) sew strife instead? Listen to me. We are in the wilderness trying to change the weather conditions so that we are not rained upon. This is our focus in society. However, in a wilderness situation we come to terms quickly with the realization that we do not possess the power or ability to change the weather conditions and so we work hard to construct a worthy shelter that will sustain us for the duration of the storms ahead.

So why is it in society that we do not recognize the same conditions? Mostly because we have within us a controlling nature. We want to control the people around us so that we have a safe haven. Or at least what equates to a safe haven to us in our own thinking. We need to realize that the differences we see in other people are similar to the storms in the wilderness. We can’t change them !!! So what do we do in a wilderness environment? We work on our own environment, we work on ourselves and construct a worthy shelter to sustain us for the duration of the storms ahead. In a wilderness environment people are few and far in between. We bond more closely to them because of the external pressures and we work together to help one another.

So why is it in an economical and affluent society we don’t adhere to the same mindset we would in a wilderness environment? Because we are blind. And until we realize that we will never get anywhere.

We have to come to the place that we realize that what we need to focus on are the things that we share in common with other people. We need to realize that the storm we face is not the differences with other people, the real storm is far more than that and what we need to do is remove the beam from our own eye that has blinded us and separated us from people. How ironic it is that we isolate ourselves in a world full of people because we think we have the answers and think we can do it on our own, simply because of all the people we do have around us. A false sense of security. The real problem is not with the people we do not see eye to eye with, the real problem is what lies within us that causes us to alienate ourselves from those around us, expecially from our loves ones.

We have become our own worst enemy! And are too blind to see it. Let us unite, let us dwell in this wilderness together, overlooking the difference so we can see the strengths we have in common that will unite us. we isolate ourselves in so many ways and we don’t even know it. We point the finger at people who actually love us dearly, and by this we have become our own worst enemy.

Let it go, let us remove the beam from our eye and come to realize that the enemy is not other people, the enemy is the very person we see in the mirror every day.

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