As many already know the Facebook website has become highly popular around the globe. However, we have discovered that true believers are hindered on that site because even though censorship is illegal, Facebook is content to censor good posts based on their very liberal mindset. They are not a conservative company by any stretch of the imagination based on what we have seen over the years. It has gotten to the point that many websites now actually recognize them as evil. And anyone who is born again is seeing this as well.

theguardian.com states this:
“How evil is Facebook? So evil! Invader of privacy, maker of billions, social network that turns us all into casual stalkers . . . In all of the articles, blogs and, er, Facebook status updates ever written about Facebook, there does seem to be universal agreement that it is, somehow, suspect – a point on which the two recent films made about Facebook, Catfish and The Social Network, predictably concur.”

You can read the full article here https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2010/sep/29/how-evil-is-facebook

You can search online for more articles that reveal what Facebook is about and what they are doing. I found there are a LOT of them.

We have established our own Social Networking site at Messiah’s People where members can network with one another, start their own groups, send private messages and more.

We will be removing any and all links to Facebook from our websites. Even though we have some groups and pages on the Facebook platform, we are migrating to the Messiah’s People website. We also have our own blog there and plan on writing more articles as time allows. We have a group there also called “Messiah’s Love.” We are seeing more people join which is very encouraging.

Do we stay on Facebook just because our emotions enjoy it more? Or do we go to a site such as MessiahsPeople.com that is geared toward fellowship even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles Facebook does? Do we support this world or do we support fellow believers? What is more important to you? Taking up residence online on a website that doesn’t have your best interest in mind, or joining a website where everyone is a follower of Messiah? Including the owner.

Why are we so drawn by the things we see with our eyes? Scripture tells us not to judge according to the appearance but rather judge righteous judgment.

What fellowship has light with darkness?