Can We Use Tobacco?

I’ve been researching information about Tobacco. We know that smoking it is bad, but I have learned that it is an herb and was surprised to learn that. We know that scripture shows that we can eat plants that are from an herb bearing seed. But also, Torah and scripture show we are not to be doing harmful things to our bodies. Smoking tobacco is clearly harmful. Anytime we suck smoke into our lungs we are damaging our bodies. Torah teaches us not to do such things. And even though this flesh will perish, we are still responsible for what we put into it.

The tobacco industry claims that all of the additives used in the manufacture of cigarettes and other tobacco products are approved for use by the FDA GRAS (generally regarded as safe) list. However, the problem is that the ingredients on these lists have never been approved in products that are intended to be burned or inhaled.

Through inhalation the lungs absorb into the body even the substances that the digestive tract would have recognized as toxic and filtered out, while the burning alters many of these additives into potentially harmful ones, while some are known to produce carcinogenics when pyrolyzed. Furthermore, none of these additives have been tested in conjunction with other pyrolyzed additives or tobacco.
When I was young I smoked cigarettes, cigars and a pipe. Mostly cigarettes because they were more convenient. I know the damage it did to my body even though my body healed from that because I quit while I was still fairly young. Some of the people in my family weren’t so fortunate and ended up with emphyzema and other health related problems.

After some research I am realizing that there are benefits to using tobacco, but smoking is not something we should be using it for. What’s interesting is that tobacco is legal, but cannibas is not and I know that it can be eaten and has health benefits. I’m still studying more about tobacco and learning some of the history on it. I have read articles that claim it was not known prior to the Americas being discovered because tobacco is native to the western continents. I can’t substantiate that at this point but will try to learn more about that.

I am realizing that there are safe and practical uses for tobacco, cannibas and such things if they are used properly. And because they are deemed edible in scripture because they are herbs, there is a use for them although smoking them is not one of the uses.