Is Tilapia bad?

Sources are saying that farm raised Tilapia are unhealthy.

I don’t think Tilapia is the issue here. Tilapia is a biblically clean fish since it has fins and scales. I bought some once and it is a good tasting fish. But, I stopped buying it because I learned after that it was farm raised in China. So what does that last sentence indicate? Obviously there is more to anything when a finger is pointed. And yes I am pointing a finger. So allow me to explain. China was obviously mentioned, farm raised was mentioned. So I need to fill you in. Farm raised means that man produces your food and controls what the fish eat. China is indicative of low standards in farm raising fish or anything else for that matter. They also have low quality, wait, let me add, very low quality processing standards because the same table your Tilapia was processed on may have been used to process squid or any other such thing. I’m not here to scrutinize a country, a race, a people or any other such thing. I am targeting the low standards our world as come to accept and until we stand up and demand we want to put good things into our bodies, the people working for us producing these foods will continue to produce low grade, unhealthy food that will cause you do die early. Yes, eating things man has produced is poisoning your body.

I have had far more energy since I not only went to organic and kosher, but also every morning that I’m able to began making a kosher/organic vegetable/juice drink and taking kosher vitamins with that even before drinking the couple cups of coffee I normally have.

This morning I woke up late and because the general contractor where I am currently working cannot give a key for the building out to the people working there I promised him I would be in at a certain time every morning. Because of that I did not have time to make my organic/kosher drink or have my coffee. Fortunately my small cooler of spring water is always packed and so I dressed as usual but had to head out the door immediately taking my small cooler with me so I had water. We have to have that if we have nothing else in rare occurrances such as what I had this morning.

Normally, since eating every morning I have had all the energy I need to work every day for a full day. But today I ran an hour short of that and throughout the day did not have the energy I usually do. It was a noticeable difference and one that I think I needed to see just to remind me of the importance of not eating food that is grown or raised by man’s standards in the interest of making money.

I encourage you, do not eat farm raised fish. Yes, wild fish costs more, but you will notice a huge difference in your health if you eat right. Demand organic or better yet kosher. Because organic is not always kosher and kosher is always a higher standard. If you cannot find organic at the store you normally shop at, leave! Go to another store and once you find what you want, patronize that store again for that food or foods. They way you shop sends a strong message to the people producing the food you eat.

Yes, you can fire your farmer! Only hire the farmers who are going to give you good nutrition. Are you going to compromise your own worth to save a little bit of money? What is more valuable to you? Your health or your money? If your money is more valuable then I will see you at your grave soon. If your health is more valuable to you, then I will see you around for a good while enjoying life to its fullest!

It’s your choice. Eat garbage and your body will suffer. Eat healthy and you probably won’t even need a doctor. You decide!