People & Judging

*NOTE* All scripture passages taken from The Scriptures 1998+ unless otherwise noted.

Through my life and as I learn I have come to understand that human behavior is not a text book case. Although it’s true we do fit into a personality, it’s equally true that personalities are fluid and no two people are exactly alike.

There are also advanced levels of human behavior that goes beyond what man teaches when a person gravitates into spiritual things. As we become like Messiah and crucifying the flesh we cannot be defined by carnal thinking.

And even when a person is carnal we cannot judge their motive or behavior based on our thinking. Even people with doctorates in psychology ask questions first to determine anything.

There are times when certain behaviors will reveal dysfunction but only when there is a consistent pattern over an extended period of time. We cannot discern motive in others based on what we know about other people we know. To be quick to speak and think we see fruit or lack thereof simply based on the fact someone is doing something different than they used to isn’t a viable observation when the thing they are doing is completely good.

I’ll share the spiritual side with you that I have learned from the word of Elohim. This supercedes anything we can know in the carnal and pertains to life and holiness.

Judging doesn’t always equate to condemnation. And I have learned that we have to be careful in judging anything or anyone. Being quick to judge can also mean we are keeping a record of what we think are wrongs on another person. And if we have been hanging onto things over any period of time that causes us to react based on that, it shows we have guile in our heart and we are not forgiving.

Each day we need to put things behind us. To think the best of people. This is part of loving them. This is the way scripture shows. It’s the way Messiah taught us. Even though I have studied a lot of mans psychology I have learned that I know nothing until I learn Elohim’s ways. So at one point in my life I began reading the scriptures to understand more about what my behavior should be. And that includes motive. I’ve learned that if we judge another persons motive based on our own thinking without talking to them and understanding them, we have judged them. And we gave judged them falsely which is condemned in scripture. This is why scripture also tells us to be swift to hear and slow to speak.

We walk on dangerous ground when we judge based on speculation and when we demand something from anyone based on that speculation we become controlling. These are the things I have had to learn because when I was young I had these tendencies. I had to learn to see people in a better light. Elohim is the judge, not me. Messiah did not demand things from people so he could know their heart. He forgave quickly. He submitted all things to the Father because he is the righteous judge.
I’ve had to learn these things the hard way in some cases and the rest by reading the Bible. I choose to forgive rather than demand because that is what Messiah did. I choose not to try and figure people out because Elohim knows them already and it’s not according to man’s thinking. It is good to know a certain amount, we can know personalities so we can know better how to treat people. The Bible even speaks about this. But it does not go deeper on these matters and so I have learned that is all I need to know about people. The things in scripture concerning human behavior are what I focus on because I know Elohim’s ways are far above our ways.