Oh Adonai I Cry Out To You

I don’t know how to explain it, I don’t know how it’s happening but my life is exploding with people who want to know Messiah better. In less than a week more than 400 people have come into my life. Just in the past couple of months people locally who love our Lord have come into my life and I am making friends with some of the best people I have ever known. I am so crushed and humbled to serve as Messiah’s ambassador. Literally hundreds of people are entering my life. Sometimes I have thought of shutting down, turning off links on my sites. But as each day passes Adonai strengthens me and gives me vision, greater vision than I have ever had before. Life is blossoming before me in every direction. Am I worthy? I am nothing. I haven’t heard from you yet. And yet I see you working in my life.

Sometimes I find myself in tears, seeking you oh Father Adonai. I cry out, what do you want me to do Adonai? I’m nobody, your servant, the lowest of men.

I can’t even speak clear many times. I am congested and coughing often. I am not even professional in my approach, I am not reaching millions or thousands of people, just a few hundred and yet you are laying this small number on my shoulders for me to serve. I am a nobody, not famous or endowed with wealth. I still work at a day job, doing drywall work, an even lower trade than our Master Yeshua was in as a carpenter.

I barely make ends meet, I’m old and my body is failing. Give me strength my loving Adonai, help me endure the task set before me. I love you and I love your people. My life is changing very quickly, help me adapt. Give me strength. I thank you for my friends also who sustain me with encouragement. Bless them O Father and build them up.

My heart rejoices even in the midst of a life that is not easy because you have also made a way for me to endure. An avenue in which I can retreat when I need to. You are my refuge, an high tower and a strong fortress. Only in you do I trust.

Other people do not know my path or the vision you have given to me. Many are those who rise up against me. Yet you provide a solid foundation, let all those who misunderstand to gain wisdom, to know that it is you who guides my life. Let mine enemies come to know the redeemer who has set me free. For only in Yeshua the Messiah can we find our way to you. Paul found it, Peter found it, John found it, many others have found it, and I have found it. There is no other way.

Head knowledge puffs up. Some think we don’t need Messiah, but what is their life Adonai? It is worthless, a mere shadow of the vapor we all realize during our time on this planet we call Earth.

Speak to me Ruach, guide me in the Father’s wisdom, for my wisdom fails in every way compared to your own. There is no wisdom against your wisdom.

Your holiness is far above the holiness we can even imagine in our puny minds. Your greatness far above anything we can think. And your love immeasurable by mans standards.

Who am I but dust? Who are my fellows but dust? And yet our man wants to rise up and think we have any power! For naught! Because this flesh is filled with pride. We are brought out of this earth and return to it. Flesh and blood can’t enter the kingdom of Heaven. And yet so many seek human strength, only to perish.

Messiah came as a servant, and yet we want to be masters. Oh how great the deception of our hour! Deliver us oh Adonai, deliver us from the tempters snare. Open our eyes and deliver us from everything that is contrary to you. That our souls will be redeemed. Only, for your glory my loving Adonai!