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The best way to find Messiah is through the eyes of humility.

You cannot discern the motives of the spiritual person through the eyes and understanding of psychology. Psychology describes the natural man. But the man who has transcended the ego lives in a world many have not yet discovered and his motives cannot be discerned by natural man.

Don’t allow your soul to be defined by its shell.

When someone says something hurtful, it’s because of their own pain. When you allow their words to hurt you, that’s because of your pain. When you are able to look beyond their words and love them, that’s because of your healing and your love for Messiah and others.

Words are intentional, but your behavior reveals your substance.

We all think differently and each of us need to give one another the freedom to think the way we do. Just because someone thinks differently than you does not mean they are wrong. They are simply different than us. Let’s rejoice in the differences and not think things have to be the way we think.

You cannot change what is going on around you until you change what is going on within you.

A woman is like a beautiful rose, complete with thorns. Only foolish men fear the thorns because that’s all they see as they have failed to see her beauty. The wise man does not fear the thorns because he beholds the beauty of the rose and nurtures her. He cherishes her and causes her to blossom. Through the storm, the wind and the rain, she flourishes under his wing and in his strength she is safe and protected from every storm of life.

Never jab a good man too many times with the thorns of your past. In time he will figure out that you are not just protecting yourself, but that you are hurting every man you meet and he will flee as quickly as you can blink.

Be happy, not only does it look good on you, it’s good for your health.

Every now and then memories leak out of my eyes and roll down my face.

Messiah never worked at a college, he never bragged about a study he was doing, he never had a position in this life and neither did he make of himself any reputation. Yet he has impacted this world more than any other man. Yet so many still do not follow his example and think they are serving him.

Frustration: When you are working on a construction crew in the middle of winter in a blizzard and you go to the outhouse to relieve yourself and suddenly realize that your thermal underwear is on backwards!

Life was never intended to be difficult, it’s difficult only because man made it that way.

If you do not trust, then neither can you love since fear still holds you captive.