Ascending The Mount

As the Lord reveals more to us and the more we experience about his amazing love shows us what is ahead for us when we follow him. Even when we have not experienced the next plateau of love, we know a little about what is ahead because of what the Lord has revealed to us about himself.

He gives us a little glimpse ahead, but not too far that it would overwhelm us and cause us to think we could never ascend the mountain because it’s too high.

There is a heavy fog that covers the mountain that blocks our view of more and only begins to clear as we make the journey up the mountain. Each time we climb we see a little more so that also when we look down on other people it’s so we can reach out to them and help them up to climb with us. Sometimes there is a hand reaching out to me from the fog, I take hold and it pulls me up a bit more. I see more of what I haven’t seen before and I find a place where eagles soar.

It strengthens me and helps me see a bit more of Elohim as I get closer to him. I’ve come to realize that we don’t begin to really experience life until we find the place at which eagles soar. And then it’s a beginning of better things ahead. It’s where we begin to understand wisdom and to know the value of humility and honor. It’s a place of security, and not in this world but in the Lord’s hands. It’s a place where we can camp out in safety knowing that even though all around us is dark, we live in safety because of the Lord’s protection. Because his angels are camping with us.

Fear dissipates as we ascend the mount because the higher we go we rise above the common understanding into a spiritual realm that few come to realize and even experience. It’s a place where the ways of the flesh are left behind and our spirit blossoms as we come into a fuller view of Messiah’s majesty. And even though we haven’t even escaped the surrounding darkness, we have escaped its grip on us. The grip that kept us from climbing sooner and faster.

But breaking free we can now ascend much faster and the higher we go as the fog clears it all becomes clearer than before. We see much clearer and things are brighter around us. May Elohim continue to bless you in every way as we ascend the mount together, hand in hand in the greatest journey ever, toward his soon coming Kingdom!

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