**Featured** Victory Only Comes Through Pain

My team and I share some heavy things in our group in hopes it will benefit somebody. We have lately been sharing a lot about narcissism and NPD. I want you to know that we are not against people with NPD or any other personality disorder. I personally know people who either have narcissistic tendencies or NPD. I know these people struggle with these things and I know you can talk to these people and many times they will reason with you. Only the extreme narcissists are those you need to stay away from totally. But we can’t just write people off and we always have to forgive if we also want to be forgiven. I am one who never wants to give up on anyone, because I have people close to me who have never given up on me and they have things they struggle with as well. Narcissists are victims also, let’s have compassion on them. I don’t want to share deeper things to hurt people, I want to share deeper things to educate people and to help the people who suffer from these deeper things. Among the 9 personalities there are many disorders also and usually related to the personality the disorder embodies.

I put my own self through counseling at an earlier age to know me, to know who I am. I learned through that process that I don’t have any personality disorders and neither am I mentally ill. I went on to study more about people over the years, to work out my own fears by seeking the Fathers love. This is the only way, to seek the Father’s love. In my studies over the years I correlated everything with scripture. I’m studied in 3 theories by the way. And I don’t often talk about this. But it may hold some value in this group so that everyone knows my heart. I had to get past the point of being vindictive before starting a work of this nature. Because even though we may get things, if we are still holding pain it will come out in our speech and our actions. I was vindictive for a long time until I let go of the pain and took a solid hold on the Father’s unchanging hand. This is our direction, to take hold of the Father’s unchanging hand. If you have been hurt by anyone, don’t sit around and blame them. You can never control another person. I have learned clearly that the only person we can control is ourselves and that to find peace and freedom, never comes in gossiping or slandering another person. We only find true freedom and escape from our wounds when our heart is totally cleansed and we no longer harbor any bitterness or have any vindictiveness within us.

We post what we do here to help people understand more about human nature and where are fears may come from. One of the first things I figured out even before putting myself through counseling is that if I could understand where my fears come from, I could probly learn how to get rid of them. One of the first things the Pastor/Counselor told me that I met with was that very thing. I then started trying to figure out how to get rid of those fears. And it was never through attacking anyone or making myself feel good by how small I could make anyone feel or how much I could get back at my abusers. Nothing of the sort. It was all about discovering the Father’s love, forgiving my abusers and loving them no matter what. It’s been a painful process, but we have to endure the pain in order to discover the victory.

Scripture holds the secrets to all of this, but only those who have been truly redeemed will find them. We never find victory by hurting another person, we only find victory by first removing the beam from our own eye. This was one of the most painful processes I have ever endured in my own life. But it was the way to inner healing and what has helped me to forgive the hardest people there are to forgive while others still have not forgiven those same people.

It’s up to you. Shalom comes at the end of the hardest road traveled. Eternal damnation comes at the end of the easiest road. You choose your road.

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