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About Us

We first began the domain in November 1996. In it’s beginning it served as a resource for biblical information and instruction and grew into one of the first interactive sites for followers of Yeshua and people who wanted to learn more.

In time we eventually secured our own server and in time more servers and developed our own network of internet servers on which to host websites as well as grow our own websites to a fuller dimension. As the reality of our vision grew we could not put everything we now offer on one domain.

With the invent of social networking sites, people flocked to those sites instead. Our vision continues to grow and as the internet changes it effected the domain which was still used in a variety of ways but didn’t have a website.

We wanted to make it useful once again and decided a blog might serve the needs of some people. We don’t know how many, a few, a little, many, a lot we hope. As we work and adjust to the challenges and work required to build such a site we hope you will be encouraged and edified through our articles and in the word of Elohim.

The Best Journey of our Lives

It’s common for people to try and find the smoothest road to follow in their life which is also the widest road and one most traveled by the vast majority. It is a road filled with desire and accomplishment, a road wherein like minded people trod. However, ironically as it may seem they are not united in heart and soul. They compete against one another for power, money, dominance and the like. And even though they work against one another and put the other down in their road to advancement, they do love their own because the very thing they thrive on in this world can only be accomplished by having enough other people in this world who think like them.
This road they travel is a wide road that provides what they seek after. Riches, comfort, esteem, prestige, self indulgence and more. It holds everything they desire as they press on for more. They grumble and complain at the smallest resistance they find and do not tolerate much at all as they roll on over a smooth surface. The scary thing is that they cannot see what is at the end of this road. It’s a road with nothing more than a dead end and when they come to that end it will be the scariest place they could ever find themselves.
There are another group of people who journey through life on a road that isn’t even a road. It’s a narrow path with bumps and difficulties along the way. As they start out the bumps and obstacles are difficult. But as they build strength they are able to get over the hard spots easier and they build strength and endurance along the way. It’s not a pretty road, there is no power or prestige, nor does it contain anything lasting or offer much comfort. Love has brought them to this path and they love with the same kind of love they have received.
There are those who think they are following this path, however, they merely put on a facade of righteousness. They are usually found in a leadership role in a church or other religious construct which is typically a religious business which finds no place on the straight and narrow path. They don’t know that the only people who walk the narrow way are all servants, equal and everyone serving one another. They do not have positions even though they have abilities and gifts. Don’t be deceived by the wolves in sheep’s clothing, they are those who elevate themselves above you, all the while thinking they are serving. This is false humility.
“And they do all their works to be seen by men, and they make their t’fillen wide and lengthen the tzitziyot (or tzitzit – see below) of their garments,  and they love the best place at feasts, and the best seats in the congregations, and the greetings in the market-places, and to be called by men, ‘Rabbi, Rabbi.’ “But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi,’ VigRx Plus for One is your Teacher, the Messiah, and you are all brothers. “And do not call anyone on earth your father, for One is your Father, He who is in the heavens. “Neither be called leaders, for One is your Leader, the Messiah. “But the greatest among you shall be your servant. “And whoever exalts himself shall be humbled, and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.
Mattityahu (Matthew) 23:5-12
*tzitzit: strings, or fringes, tied to each of the four corners of a tallit, or prayer shawl.
It is a road that builds integrity, love and wisdom. This road is long and very narrow and few there be who even find this road. The people who have found it don’t compete with one another, they share in the little they have to help one another along the way. And although they don’t have much to give, they are very giving with the little they possess. And even though it’s a rough road, there is a lot of natural beauty along they way. Far more than on the wide road that is man made and very trimmed. The beauty on the narrow road is natural and brilliant. It offers its sweet rewards daily for those who have eyes to see. It offers the sweetest music and and lyrics of wisdom to those who have ears to hear.
The people who walk this path are united in heart and soul. They have discovered the value of life and want others to know and learn what they have as well. They also know what lies ahead at the end of this road because they have received a glimpse of it. And they would not trade this journey with anyone on the wide road. At the end of this road for those who are faithful is an eternity of true peace and riches. There will be no more tears, no more sorrow and no more pain. They know that though they endure much for a time, it is but a short time in comparison to the eternity that awaits them.
These are those who have been called out of this world, to be set apart for Messiah. Those who travel the wide road know about him, but they do not KNOW him. The people who travel the narrow path not only know him, they know the love he has for him and they will not trade that for anything in this world.
They follow Messiah because he is the first one to travel this path. In fact, he is the one who blazed the trail and completed it by shedding his own blood, giving his very life for those who would follow his steps after he left this world! In the end, they will be united with him for eternity, receiving a crown because they overcame, receiving eternal life because he redeemed them with his very blood.
Come, join us on this path. It’s not easy, there are no promises you will have wealth or riches, but there are a whole lot of promises at the end!